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        Seria CZH - traypacker Packing machines
» Maszyny pakujące AUTOPACK 
- Seria CZK - kartoniarka
- Seria CMOS - overlap
- Seria SLH - shrink wrapper
- Seria CZH - traypacker
- Seria SIT - shrink wrapper
- Seria SLMT - tandeme
- Seria SLM - system multiline
- Seria SLC - with cardboard pad insert
- Seria SLV - system vertical
- Seria SLO - oval product
- Seria SSO - semi

– This is full automatic Tray Packing machine designed for in-line operation. Its primary function is to collate product into desire format, load it onto a cardboard tray pre-formed from the blank, then eject it into the infeed of SIT tray shrink wrapper.
The Autopack Package: Faster- Smaller- Better Pack- Less Energy
Standard Features: 
• 5 minute size change, using quick release handles and one clip in change part.
• Nordson Hot Melt Gluing system
• Human Machine Interface (HMI)
• Speed up to 20 trays/min
• Less floor area and less energy

• Stainless steel finish


        Seria CMOS
        Seria SLH
        Seria SLC

Autopack company introduced its new product packaging machines which are pipelined. These machines are grouped and packed without stopping package which allows to achieve high yields of up to 60 packages / min. Packaging machines have the ability to package tray with the side.


SLH packaging machines is a series of the most popular automatic machines designed for a wide range of products of the food industry, farmacutycznego, chemical, cosmetic. Automatic is also a possibility of wrapping tray products.


Packing machine equipped with the feeder trays flat. Strengthens the package tray has a positive effect on the storage of pallets in a warehouse or in the supermarket.


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